Visa Information

Do you need a visa?

If you are unsure whether you need a visa, please visit the online tool. You can also look at the information on tourist and short-stay visas on as an alternative.

How long will a visa application take?

Visa applications vary from country to country, and season to season. We suggest you visit the online tool to get an indication of processing times. You will certainly need a minimum of 30 days to guarantee getting the visa on time, but this can be longer, so check with your local British embassy, consulate or visa application centre if in any doubt.

What will it cost?

Visa fees can be found using the online tool, or by asking the local British embassy, consulate or visa application centre.

What if I need an invitation letter?

We can provide invitation letters to registered conference delegates on request; please email and after registering, including all relevant details (name as it appears on your passport, home address, organisation and organisation address, date of birth and passport number, planned arrival and departure dates, etc.). Please allow sufficient time for us to prepare the letter.

How do I apply?

An application form can be completed via the website, but you will still need to print out the completed form and make an appointment at a visa application centre. Alternatively, you should be able to get a copy of the relevant form from your local British embassy, consulate or visa application centre.

What if I am refused a visa?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the visa will be granted. All we can suggest is applying with plenty of time and making sure you provide all the relevant information.

Should a visa be refused, requests for refunds of the registration fee will be considered on a case-by-case basis following the conference (i.e., after December 11th, 2014). However, we reserve the right to refuse such requests, or only offer partial refunds, to cover all reasonable costs we incur as a result of your cancellation. Please direct such requests to