Special Session on Metrology

Session Chair: Prof Nick Ridler (NPL, UK)


  1. Prof Xiaohai Cui (NIM, China): “From sensor to microcalorimeter: Traceable power measurement at terahertz frequency”

  2. Prof Brian Ellison (RAL, UK): “Terahertz High-Resolution Gas-Phase Spectroscopy”

  3. Dr Alireza Kazemipour (METAS, Switzerland): “Feasibility of Accurate Power Measurement in Submillimeter/mm-Wave Domain Based on Free-Space Techniques”

  4. Dr Xiaobang Shang (NPL, UK): “Measurements of S-parameters and material properties at millimetre-wave and terahertz frequencies” 

  5. Dr Baoguo Yang (CETI, China): “The design and implementation of an integrated 110 GHz vector network analyzer”