THz wireless communications: China and Europe together for beyond 5G

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THz wireless communications is the emerging field for enabling 5G and beyond 5G networks. High technology challenges, high implementation costs, relatively limited knowledge of the propagation scenarios need an outstanding research effort to bring THz communication systems from laboratory to real environment.

Europe and China are at the forefront of the THz communication technology.

This panel will explore by the contribution of distinguished panellists the great opportunity of a common road map between Europe and China for a quantum leap in THz communications.

The audience will be invited to engage with the panellists proposing questions before the panel and discussing from the floor in an informal manner.


Panel Chair: Prof Claudio Paoloni


  1. Prof. Maziar Nekovee (University of Sussex, UK)

  2. Prof. Wei Hong (Southeast University, China)

  3. Dr. Hairui Liu (China Institute of Information and Communication, China)

  4. Dr. Haroon Khan (Huawei, Germany)

  5. Mr. David Vizard (Vivatech, France)